Top Ten Highest Paid Athletes in the World 2015

If you are looking for top ten highest paid athletes in 2015 then you have come to right place we will tell you exact figure of annual salaries of top ten athletes. Sports is an excellent source of entertainment everyone should add some kind of sports to their daily life either it is football, running […]

Top 10 Highest Paid Political Leaders in the World 2015

Political leaders have immense responsibility on their shoulders due to which they have to work hard for the country and for their people their decisions worth a lot they can make or destroy a nation. government gives handsome amount of pay and excellent facilities to these political leaders so that they can make good decisions […]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

Animals are part of our world they have their own species, their own territory and country where ever we go in the world we found some kind of animals everywhere. Some animals are friendly while some are extremely dangerous animals are considered an eccentric creation of nature these dangerous animals which consists of small and […]

Top Ten Most Popular Hairstyles for Girls in 2015

Girls are more curious about hair styles then boys so if you are looking for the perfect 10 most popular Hairstyles 2015 for women and you girls, then you’ve come to the right place. Hairstyle is major part of fashion if a girl is full dressed and up to date in fashion but she didn’t […]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns in the World

It is a saying that “a soldier can’t be soldier without a gun” guns are major part of weapon in armed and other paramilitary forces specially infantry troops depends on have some powerful and dangerous guns like all other technologies firearm technology has improved in the last century. Many decades ago around 1000AD, the first […]

Top Ten PC Games of all Time

Games are such an excellent source of entertainment for all ages of humans few decades ago there were very few games to play but with the passage of time and with the development in technology games industry has developed and become better. Modern technology brought up virtual entertainment systems which revolutionized the entertainment procedures all […]

Top Ten Richest Female Singers in the World 2015

Music is said to be food for the soul of human being people listen music to relax themselves from daily hectic routine of work. Females out there are participating in every part of life also in music there are many female singers which sings in different kinds of music like romantic, rap, sad, pop, rock […]

Top Ten Most Expensive Fighter Jets in the World 2015

Human being wanted to fly like birds humans have always been fascinated with flight so, in the 20th century the Wright brothers made first plane but it is complicated and undeveloped for long flight. During the passage of time the plane progressed and changes have made in it but need of fighter Jets was felt […]

Top Ten Most Expensive Dogs in the World 2015

Among animals dogs are said to be the most loyal and best friends of human beings every breed of dog is loyal to his owner and caretaker the expensiveness of a dog is depend upon the lineage and breed of dog. Some dogs are used for special purpose and operations in Army and police, some […]

Top Ten Richest people in Pakistan 2015

Pakistan is an Asian country which is rich in natural resources like Gas, salt etc but due to excess of corruption and lack of management Pakistan is facing lots of challenges like corruption, terrorism, electricity and gas shortage and other problems. Pakistan is a very popular country in this region but due to some corrupt […]